About Little Peach Co.

Little Peach Co. is a letterpress, foil printing and design studio based in Underwood, Brisbane. We specialise in hand-made celebration stationery, branding, business cards and letterpress designs.

We instill our love of design for creating beautifully handcrafted Stationery. Call us old-fashioned, but we cherish our nine in-house 1960’s Heidelberg Platens. We handcraft all of our letterpress and foil designs, and we’d love to create something beautiful on our printing presses for your special occasion.

What Is Letterpress?

Watch Our Love for Letterpress to see one of our 1965 Heidelberg Platens in action!

Letterpress printing uses a photopolymer or Magnesium plate with a raised surface which is inked and pressed into a sheet of thick fluffy paper, to create a beautiful three-dimensional deep impression.

We use a rubber based ink, which is weighed with accuracy and mixed by hand to create custom colours. Everything is done in store by hand, from designing the printing blocks, to mixing the ink, and stamping into the thick cotton card. Everything is created just for you.