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Unit 2 / 13 smallwood street
Underwood, QLD, 4119


Little Peach Co. is a boutique design and letterpress studio in Woolloogabba, Australia, specialising in branding and custom stationery.

We get a kick out of meeting with our clients, getting to know them and creating stationery sets just for be it wedding invitations, business cards or personal stationery.

Our love of design combined with enthusiasm to create beautifully crafted stationery is poured into all our work. We have a passion for antique printing and paper styles and love working with our 1965 Heidelberg Platen.

About Us - Little Peach Co. - Letterpress Designs Brisbane

We are a Woolloongabba-based company specialising in letterpress designs, branding, stationery and custom printing.

{About Little Peach Co.}

Little Peach Co. is a letterpress, foil printing and design studio based in Underwood, Brisbane. We specialise in hand-made celebration stationery, branding, business cards and letterpress designs.

We instil our love of design and an enthusiasm for creating beautifully handcrafted goods into everything we do. Call us old-fashioned, but we cherish our eight in-house 1960’s Heidelberg Platens. We handcraft all of our letterpress and foil designs, and we’d love to create something beautiful on our printing presses for your special occasion.

What is Letterpress?

Watch Our Love for Letterpress to see one of our 1965 Heidelberg Platens in action!

Letterpress printing uses a photopolymer or Magnesium plate with a raised surface which is inked and pressed into a sheet of thick fluffy paper, to create a beautiful three-dimensional deep impression. 

We use a rubber based ink, which is weighed with accuracy and mixed by hand to create custom colours. Everything is done in store by hand, from designing the printing blocks, to mixing the ink, and stamping into the thick cotton card. Everything is created just for you.

Little peach co.'s Journey

Dave Atkinson | Founder - "It all started in 2008 when I was asked to design a friend’s wedding invitation. It was a first, and wow did I enjoy it! That lead to me being the 'go to guy' for designing all sorts of invitations for our family and friends - wedding, engagements, birthdays, christenings etc. Over the next two years, my wife Cath and I set up Little Peach as a hobby, a creative outlet - advertising by day, designing invitations by night.

I then stumbled across letterpress, and it was love at first sight. I started out small with an Adana 8x5 hand-press, imported from the UK for small runs out of the garage. And now, a few years down the track, have taken the leap from hobby to full-time passion.

The best part about Little Peach Co. is getting to know all of our clients, and creating something special for them – something they can keep forever that will bring back memories year after year."


Taking the reins from Dave, we have built a company anyone would be happy to deal with. Today Little Peach Co. has merged with Bespoke Stationery to create a Business with years of experience behind us. We have Steven in the printing shed getting inky and creative ready to produce all of your beautiful work.