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Unit 2 / 13 smallwood street
Underwood, QLD, 4119


Little Peach Co. is a boutique design and letterpress studio in Woolloogabba, Australia, specialising in branding and custom stationery.

We get a kick out of meeting with our clients, getting to know them and creating stationery sets just for be it wedding invitations, business cards or personal stationery.

Our love of design combined with enthusiasm to create beautifully crafted stationery is poured into all our work. We have a passion for antique printing and paper styles and love working with our 1965 Heidelberg Platen.

Antique Business cards, stationery and Invitations Brisbane - Little Peach Co.

We are a boutique design and letterpress studio specialising in branding, business cards, custom stationery and invitations. 

Antique Business Cards, Stationery and Letterpress Invitations Brisbane

Little Peach Co. is a boutique Brisbane design and letterpress studio that specialises in branding, business cards,
custom-made stationery and invitations.

We instill our love of design and an enthusiasm for creating beautiful stationery into everything we do, and we undertake every part
of our hands-on process completely in-house. As we’re passionate about antique printing and paper styles,
our pride and joy are
our two 1960’s Heidelberg Platens - we print all of our products on them.

We get a kick out of meeting with our clients and developing their ideal products. We thrive on the creative process that goes
into crafting the kinds of unique, handmade products that people will want to hold onto forever.

If you need stationery, business cards or invitations with a bold, unique twist of personality, we’d love to help.

Contact us now, and let’s make something great!