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Unit 2 / 13 smallwood street
Underwood, QLD, 4119


Little Peach Co. is a boutique design and letterpress studio in Woolloogabba, Australia, specialising in branding and custom stationery.

We get a kick out of meeting with our clients, getting to know them and creating stationery sets just for be it wedding invitations, business cards or personal stationery.

Our love of design combined with enthusiasm to create beautifully crafted stationery is poured into all our work. We have a passion for antique printing and paper styles and love working with our 1965 Heidelberg Platen.




What is Letterpress?

Little Peach Co. is pretty much built on a long-standing obsession with the unique craft of letterpress printing. Our founder Dave Atkinson describes his first encounter with letterpress as “love at first sight”. You can’t get much more passionate than that.

An intuitive and involved process, letterpress printing was invented in the 1500s by Johannes Gutenberg - the man renowned for introducing printing to Europe. The method uses a photopolymer or lead plate with a raised surface, which is inked and then pressed into a sheet of thick, textured paper.

When printing begins, a three-dimensional impression starts running directly onto the paper along with the ink, creating a wonderfully unique aesthetic effect. That’s the real value of letterpress printing - not only does it look great on display, it also makes the end product incredibly pleasing to hold and examine. So whether you’re developing a business card or crafting a wedding invite, letterpress printing contributes an understated but undeniable aesthetic value to your product.  

How we do it

We use a rubber-based ink, which is accurately weighed and then mixed by hand to create vivid customised colours. Our pride and joy is our gorgeous vintage 1965 Heidelberg Platen letterpress printer, which we print everything on. (See her in action on the Our Love for Letterpress video.)

At Little Peach Co., we do everything in store by hand - from designing the printing blocks, to mixing the ink and stamping it into the thick cotton card. We create with care, to suit your needs. Contact us now to discuss how letterpress printing can benefit your business or next big event.